We’re in the process of designing a new online presence—stay tuned!

In the meantime, we do have news! With the painful closing of the S.A.Y. Yes! program last October, Central City Community Outreach is now building for the future: reshaping some of our old programs and beginning new partnerships and ministries to better serve the dynamic needs of the Skid Row community.

As always, we are continuing our ministry of creating transformational spaces with our weekly Karaoke program on Wednesday nights, as well as cultivating and supporting our long-term relationship with Central City Church of the Nazarene.

But we are also excited about some new initiatives that have come into existence in the recent months: (1) the formation of our new “Parish Chaplaincy” program, which will help us to support and sustain persons who are actively seeking to transition from the streets to stable housing, as well as (2) our much needed mental health care partnership with the Los Angeles Christian Counseling Center, offering group therapy and mental health education on site through both general and specialized cohort groups. And, of course, we are in discernment about more to come. 

Finally, in September the board of directors hired Andrew Wright as the part-time interim Executive Director of Central City Community Outreach. Andrew has many years of experience working on issues of homelessness and urban community development, and will play a crucial role in stabilizing our fiscal structure and helping to cultivate a long-term vision for the future.

In all of this, our work is guided by the same values and commitments that it always has: Jesus-shaped, Kingdom-oriented, transformational ministry that is community-based, relational, and holistic in nature.   

We are grateful for your partnership and ask for your continued support in both prayer and financial resources. We are truly excited about the future here on Skid Row and look forward to partnering with you in the years to come!

Central City Community Outreach Board of Directors

Scott Chamberlain, Chair
Jon Primuth, Treasurer
Tim Peters
Jerry Ferguson
Herald Snyder
Kahye Yi
Nori Ochi
Tara Hughes

Tony Stallworth