Service Projects

Program Children During the First Annual EventNew friends come to us from across the country for Urban Immersion Service Projects. Through these projects, groups learn firsthand what it’s like to work in an urban environment with homeless and at-risk students and families. 

Participants sleep on the street for a night, buy a meal with loose change or share a sack lunch with a homeless person. They visit welfare hotels, taste different kinds of food and tour local parks where the homeless congregate. They also volunteer at Central City, working with the children and providing other help as needed (e.g., cleaning, painting, decorating, etc.).

The goal is to break down the preconceived notions and fears that stand between us and the homeless of Skid Row. By uniquely blending exposure and learning with service and hard work, our visitors come away from the Urban Immersion experience with a greater understanding of our community’s needs and what it takes to minister to this population.

Please contact Sophia at (213) 689-1766 to learn how you can participate in an Urban Immersion Service Project.

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